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2020_LSFL_CONGRATS2_ LG23SQ_Hpinkfa008a

Letter Sheet "CONGRATS" set 2 perfect for a spare Congrats for many Style Sequin is a Faux Print, not actual real sequin. Looks like bling from a far! 🌟

ALL SALES FINAL. Printing starts after payment.

NO stakes are included.


LS "CONGRATS" 2 with Flair (Sku #2020) Sequin Hot Pink

SKU: 2020_LSFL_CONGRATS2_ LG23SQ_Hpinkfa008a
  • Highest technology UV Printing on Coroplastic 4mm
    Professional Countour Cuts for beautiful accents

    Water reesistant and easy to clean off

    DO NOT clean with anything abrasive. It is suggested to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and gentle soap and water,

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