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Stronger than Yesterday!

We made this set as a custom order but wanted it to be versatile for invetory purposes. You can break this set up and use it for a man or a woman, encouragement, running, health focused.


Sizes listed on Photo! 

(Measurements are rounded to the closest half inch)

Sizes also do not include 0.5 inch white border around printed image.


Some designs are intentionally angled on the coroplast for design. Flutes of the original sheet of coroplast run up and down. If the design is angled at all the flutes will be angled as well.


This Yard Card set consist of high quality prints of the original designs.

No H Stakes included


Stronger than Yesterday! (SKU#1299)

  • Highest technology UV Printing on Coroplast 4mm
    Professional Contour Cuts for beautiful accents

    Water resistant and easy to clean off

    DO NOT clean with anything abrasive. It is suggested to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and gentle soap and water.

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